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Dinengdeng, also called Inabraw, is a vegetable soup dish originating from the Ilocos provinces, which is abundant in fresh vegetables. The appetizing taste of fresh vegetables like kalabasa (squash), ampalaya (bitter melon), sitaw (string beans), eggplant, okra, malunggay are simmered in a soup based in bagoong, a sauce or paste made from fermented fish or shrimp. The combination of fresh, earthy and salty tastes makes this hearty dish distinctly Ilocano. 

Note: We now use Milkfish (Bangus) or Shrimp for this dish, not Roundscad (as shown in photo)

  • 42.99 per take out container
  • Container holds 1 gallon (128 oz.)
  • Includes box & plastic bucket with lid